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Trainee Feature: Emma Finlayson-Trick

Emma is a Master of Science candidate at Dalhousie University, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, researching the role of a particular bacterial protein in Crohn’s disease. Reductions in levels of this protein in the intestines has been linked to worsening inflammation in the Crohn’s patient bowel. The protein levels are reduced due to changes in the bacteria that occupy the intestines in ill and treated Crohn’s patients. Emma’s research is aimed at identifying what the bacterial protein does to the patient’s cells. Outside the lab, Emma is passionate about science communication. She created the blog “Think of the PLoSibilities”, taking open-access scientific articles and synthesizing them into lay summaries for the public. In addition, Emma is an advocate for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). She co-organized Halifax’s first Soapbox Science event, a platform for female scientists to discuss their research with the public. She also is a mentor for young girls in the WISEAtlantic program. This year she is a finalist in the Discovery Centre’s “Science Champion” category. When not promoting or conducting research, Emma enjoys working as a first-year chemistry teaching assistant and volunteering with various groups, such as the IWK Health Centre, the Dalhousie Medical Campus Response Team, and the Autism Arts program. She is pursuing a career in medical microbiology with the goal of becoming an infectious disease specialist.

See Emma’s recent poster presentations here: https://mirapeds.ca/miraresearch/poster-gallery/